Where Next for Foiled Woodgrains and Colours?

Where Next for Foiled Woodgrains and Colours?

by 3d, 10/07/2015

The market for foiled woodgrains and colours is at the cusp of bigger and better things’, claims Mark Lofthouse of 3D Laminates, the company behind the pioneering CoolSkin® sheets for door panels and composite doors and also the UK sales agent for Hornschuch Cool Colors® foils.

In recent years their sales have increased strongly against a backdrop of increasing demand for rich colours and life like woodgrains in both doors and windows. In a market that just 20 years ago boasted mahogany and antique pine, the UK market has exploded into life in the footsteps of the trends seen in most of the mainland European markets.

Within the Hornschuch Life Like range there are 17 different wood grained foils and these are perfectly demonstrated in the newly developed website at www.3d-laminates.com, which offers an innovative colour swatch selector for all products, including over 70 window grade PVCu foils. These latest foils have been tested to the extreme in both Baltic and Southern European climates and for this reason the darker finishes including black outperform other similar foils from a technical performance.

The Cool Colors® range from Hornschuch are used by some of the biggest European systems companies and are now penetrating the UK market. Within the pan-European product range are also metallic options, helping to replicate the finish of aluminium and even a striking metallic wood design.

The launch of a number of sub brands and flush heritage window systems in recent years is also opening up opportunities for other woodgrains such as Sorrento, Teak and Walnut. 3D Laminates and their partner Hornschuch are also now in a position where exclusive foils and ones dedicated to just a single range are a commercial reality, with minimum order quantities having come down dramatically over the years.

Mark Lofthouse, managing director of 3D Laminates concludes: ‘Without question I see a big increase in demand for new finishes for both composite and panelled doors, along with window profiles. With new rich colours and lifelike woodgrains the future in this industry is to stand out, differentiate and to satisfy customer demand for more choice.’

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