PVCu Laminated Sheet

Quite simply our CoolSkin PVCu laminated sheet products have revolutionised the market thanks to the research and development from our German partners Hornschuch and VEKA. Our products have been used extensively in the door panel and composite door market in the UK and after 10 years there have been few product returns due to failure, an incredible achievement.

The great benefit of a door panel or composite door with a CoolSkin exterior is their through colour, so there’s no issue of a painted finished getting worn away or chipped and the fact that these CoolSkin PVCu laminated sheets perfectly match the door frames into which they are installed.

Scafell - Anthracite Grey - Spring - CU2-web

Colours & Finishes

The colour selector opposite details all the colours and finishes in the Hornschuch range for laminated sheet/door skins. From exciting vivid colours to the latest ‘Life Like’ and luxurious wood designs, it’s a product range we’re truly proud of and so to are our customers.

Life Like
Wood Design

Noce Sorrento


Material code: F44231410

    Life Like
    Wood Design

Technical Performance

Like the Hornschuch Cool Colors® foils, our PVCu Laminated CoolSkin sheets come with a comprehensive 10 year warranty. These sheets are made of a VEKA PVCu substrate onto which a typical 280 micron thick Cool Colors® foil is factory bonded.

It’s the cold of the British winter and the contrast of the British summer which has caused failure of other inadequate door skins in the past. Whilst maintaining optimum impact performance during extremes of temperature, the high Vicat Softening Point and Heat Deflection Temperature of the substrate reinforces the overall performance of the CoolSkin sheet.

The rigid PVC substrate is laminated with a typical 280 micron thick foil, quite unique for PVC door skin fabrication. The lamination is based on a semi rigid PVC substrate overlaid with a print and then further overlaid with a matt finish, highly weatherable and durable acrylic layer.

The decorative foils are laminated onto the PVC substrate during the extrusion process and produce a permanent bond between the substrate and decorative foil. One significant advantage of the CoolSkin range is that the embossing is retained AFTER vacuum forming, a property not found in other PVC foiled sheet or in hot stamp foiled sheets.


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