Our CoolSkin technology has quite simply revolutionised the PVCu foiled sheet market and in particular for the door panel and composite door markets. The issue of failed first generation door panels is now an issue of the past and we’ve been supplying our products now for 10 years without any issues.

The last door panel designs now benefit from a wide range of woodgrain and colours, all designed to match the door frames into which they are installed. For the more innovative composite door manufacturers such as Rocal and Solidor they are able to offer a through colour finish on their doors with extended warranties at a time when other GRP-based composite doors need a stain, embossing or even a paint finish.

Ten’s of thousands of doors are installed every month with our CoolSkin technology and we’ve even opened upo expert markets in Eastern Europe. Our new relationship with VEKA has now also extended to the distribution of all VEKAPLAN sheet products which offer a fantastic range of applications for a number of manufacturing sectors.

Have a look at our new interactive colour selectors to see our impressive range:
PVCu Laminated Sheet
VEKAPLAN sheet products

PVCu Laminated Sheet

The range and performance of our laminated sheet is unsurpassed in the UK market, thanks to our unique CoolSkin product. We have 75% of the market share in the UK and Ireland thanks this revolutionary product that’s used by the likes of Endurance Doors, Solidor and WB Group for door panel and composite door manufacture.

The door market is all about colour and woodgrains and we’ve added an interactive colour swatch selector for you to see the range on offer. We can of course even manufacture bespoke design and colours upon request with realistic minimum order quantities.
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etna bright chrome letterplace

VEKAPLAN Sheet Products

VEKAPLAN range of sheets includes five different types of sheet, for the most varied areas of application. The extremely durable sheets are supplied in widths of up to two metres. They are easy to process and designed to meet the various fire-prevention requirements.
– VEKAPLAN S is a foam sheets made of rigid PVC
– VEKAPLAN SF is a free-foam sheet made of PVC
– VEKAPLAN K is a compact sheet made of rigid PVC
– VEKAPLAN KD is a rigid PVC compact sheet.
– VEKAPLAN KT is our transparent rigid PVC sheet.
– VEKAPLAN CX is a co-extruded stable PVC rigid foam sheet

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