Lasting Performance For CoolSkin Composites

Lasting Performance For CoolSkin Composites

by 3d, 28/10/2016

Now nine years old, CoolSkin® technology has quite simply revolutionised both the panel door and timber-based composite door sectors, offering incredible levels of surface performance, whatever the weather.

Leading composite door piolasting-performance-for-coolskin-compositesneers such as Endurance® Doors and Solidor, specify CoolSkin® for the vast majority of their respective door colours and woodgrains, with the reassurance of a 10-year warranty and considerable testing across the climatic extremes of Europe.

The product harnesses a specialist VEKA substrate, along with a premium Cool Colors laminate foil from Hornschuch, one of Europe’s leading players in the sector. With exclusive trading relationships with both companies, the secret CoolSkin® recipe cannot be replicated by any other company in the sector, helping to preserve the technical foundations of the CoolSkin® development.

There are now eight different woodgrain finishes, along with nine solid colours and sheets can be mixed on rainbow pallets for ease of ordering. All of the laminate foils are a perfect replication of the foils used on PVCu window profiles, making for a far better finish, rather than having to rely on a poorly matching stained or embossed GRP skin.

Mark Lofthouse, managing director of 3D Laminates commented: ‘Nine years ago we promised to revolutionise the panel door and solid core composite door sector with a far superior door skin. Today I believe we have achieved that and the relatively recent introduction of a VEKA substrate will improve the performance characteristics of CoolSkin® further.

He continues: ‘Whether you are a manufacturer or installation company, make sure you ask for a PVCu door with CoolSkin technology, it’s the mark of a high quality PVCu door that’s designed to last.’



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