Rocal’s Endurance in 3D

Rocal’s Endurance in 3D

by 3d, 02/02/2015

Composite door manufacturer Rocal, are the latest company to embrace the CoolSkin® technology from 3D Laminates, the laminated door skin experts whose products have been tested to the extreme right across Europe.

The latest composite door developments are seeing companies such as Rocal switching to a PVC CoolSkin® exterior rather than the dated hot stamp foil finishes and the first generation GRP based door slabs. The new Endurance® solid and secure composite doors are manufactured by Rocal, a company with a 21 year pedigree in the composite door sector, operating from North Lincolnshire with an 85 strong workforce.

The Endurance® solid and secure door is unique in that it’s constructed with a solid laminated veneered core, which offers strength and stability to the door set. Within the range, Rocal can boast 14 door colours with 8 matching outer frames, along with a large range of lock options from standard multipoint to keyless locking. The door sets are distributed nationwide to trade fabricators, installers, local authorities and builders, including their FD30 fire door sets.

During the course of 2015, Rocal will be launching their Endurance® solid and secure branding, which backs up the adoption of the new CoolSkin® based doors and will include a new 64 page brochure and new website. There will also be additional point of sales items, specifically designed to help support their customer base in promoting Endurance® solid and secure composite doors.

Stephen Nadin, managing director of Rocal comments: ‘It’s important for us to offer technically the best products and the CoolSkin® technology that our new Endurance® composite doors utilises, provides for this claim. There’s no foam in our doors, they are solid, proven and highly desirable.’

Mark Lofthouse, managing director of 3D Laminates concludes: ‘It’s great to see established manufacturers adopting our CoolSkin® product, as it’s proven right across Europe in a number of applications. We believe the days of GRP slabs and hot stamp foiling are numbered, as they are a legacy of previous decades.’

For information on Rocal’s new Endurance® solid and secure door sets go to, e-mail: or call 01652 659259.

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